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Removing or inserting silences
You can easily remove or insert silences to further refine your Sound Editor project.
To remove silences:
1 Select the silent area on the waveform by clicking and dragging from the start of the silent area to the end. For more information, see Selecting the waveform region to edit.
2 To preview your selection, use the playback controls (Play, Stop, Previous marker/track, Next marker/track).
3 To remove the silent area, choose Edit > Delete.
To insert silences:
n To insert a silent area into the waveform without overwriting it, complete the following steps:
a Click in the waveform to move the playback cursor to the place where you want to insert the silence.
b Right-click and choose Insert Silence.
c Specify the length of the silent area.
The waveform moves to the right. The silent area appears in the Clip Editor.
n To overwrite a portion of the waveform with a silent area, complete the following steps:
a Click and drag in the waveform to select the section that you want to overwrite with the silent area.
b Right-click the selection and choose Insert Silence.
The selected area of the waveform is replaced with a silence of the same length.
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