Adding or deleting markers
You can use Sound Editor to add markers to your recording, or to delete them. A marker identifies a specific time in a track. Use markers to denote points of interest to which you may want to jump.
To add markers:
1 Play your track to determine where you want to place a marker.
2 When the playback cursor reaches that location, choose Tools > Add/Remove Marker.
The marker appears above the waveform.
3 Repeat step 1 to step 2 for each marker you want to add.
Note: To navigate markers and track separators in your project, click the Next marker/track and Previous marker/track playback controls to advance to the next marker.
For more information about track separators, see Adding or deleting track separators.
To delete a marker:
n Click on the marker that you want to delete, and choose Tools > Add/Remove Marker.
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