Completing the project
Once all the songs for your project have been moved to the project window, you are ready to put them in order and record them onto a disc.
Complete the project by following these steps:
1 Arrange the song order in the project window by selecting a song and clicking on the Move Up or Move Down arrows Move up and Move down buttons .
2 Insert a blank or rewritable CD in your recorder drive.
3 Select your recorder drive from the Destination drop-down menu, if it is not already selected.
4 Check the project size indicator at the bottom of the window to confirm that the songs in your project will fit on your disc. If the songs will not fit, click one or more song titles to select them, then click the Remove button.
Note: Clicking on the Remove button deletes the highlighted songs from your list but does not affect any files on your hard drive.
5 Click the action button action button .
A progress indicator appears, and your disc is recorded.
6 Once the disc has been burned, click the Finish button to return to the project window.
7 To save this project so the same file set can be easily selected in the future, select File > Save.
8 To save this project as a playlist, click the Save As Playlist button at the top of the project window. Select a name and destination for the file, and click the Save button. This saves the file set as an .m3u playlist file.
Note: If your project contains songs that were copied directly from other CDs, you will not be able to save the project or save the file set as a playlist.
9 Remove the disc from your drive and store it in a safe place.
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