My Data backup
Use My Data to back up individual files, folders, or categories of files. For instance, you could create a My Data backup that would back up your e-mail and business files once a week to an external hard drive. Or, you could create a backup that immediately saves audio and video files to a flash drive.
To create a My Data backup:
1 Click One-Click Backup.
2 In the area labeled My Data, click Settings.
3 Select a destination. This can be a disc drive, a flash drive, or an internal or external hard drive.
4 Select the types of files to back up. The available categories are: E-mail, Documents, Pictures, Videos, and Music.
5 To add individual files or folders that aren’t included in a selected category, click either the Add Folder or Add Files button to browse your hard drive.
Tip: To remove a file or folder from the list, click on it and then click Remove.
6 Schedule your backup using the Occurrence drop-down menu. The choices are: Run once, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.
If you are backing up to optical discs, you will receive backup reminder notices. To disable these reminder notices, select Run once.
For other backup destinations, backups occur as scheduled. If you select Run Once, no backup will be scheduled.
7 Click Save settings to save the backup settings.
8 Click Run Now in the My Data area to immediately start a backup based on the selected settings.
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Tips for using My Data backup
The following tips will be helpful when using the My Data backup task:
n The My Data task under One-Click Backup can only be used to create one backup. Use Advanced Backup to schedule one or more backups.
n Selecting the E-mail category backs up specific types of files, such as those with .pst and .dbx extensions, located in any of the computer’s user accounts. The other categories look for all users’ files by their extensions (Windows XP and Vista) or in the current user’s Windows folders or libraries where they are most commonly stored (Windows 7 and Windows 8). For more information, see What is included in each category?
n You can click Run Now at any time to override the backup schedule.