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Entire Computer backup
Use Entire Computer to back up everything stored on your computer, including the operating system, applications, and all of your personal files. This will protect you if your computer is lost or stolen or if your hard drive crashes.
When you run an Entire Computer backup, you will either have the option to create a recovery disc or one will be created as part of the backup. A recovery disc is required to start your computer after a hard drive failure.
Note: You may not be able to access this Help file if your hard drive crashes. We strongly urge you to print the Help topics that explain how to restore your system after a hard drive failure.
To create an Entire Computer backup:
1 Click One-Click Backup.
2 In the area labeled Entire Computer, click Settings.
3 Choose a backup destination.
4 Schedule your backup, or schedule reminders if your backup destination is an optical disc. Select Run once if you don’t want to schedule backups, or if you don’t want reminders.
5 Click Save settings.
6 Click Run Now to immediately back up your entire computer.
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Tips for using Entire Computer backup
The following tips will be helpful when backing up your entire computer:
n An external hard drive connected to your computer is the best choice for saving a backup. You can also use discs or flash drives.
n Discs used in a backup are closed once they are recorded. If you use write-once discs, you will not be able to add additional data.
n You can continue working on your computer while a backup is in progress. But for best results, open as few applications as possible and avoid saving files to a drive while it is being backed up.
n Files saved to a hard drive formatted with the FAT16 file system cannot exceed 2 GB. Files saved to a hard drive formatted with the FAT32 file system cannot exceed 4 GB. If your backup exceeds either of these limits (after being compressed), it will automatically be divided into more than one file.
n At least one media is required for each partition in your backup, even if a partition contains no data.
n You can click Run Now at any time to override the backup schedule.
n An Entire Computer backup made with an earlier version of BackOnTrack can be restored if you have a boot disc created with that version.