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Creating DVD Music discs
Overview of creating DVD Music discs
A DVD Music Disc is a special type of DVD-Video that contains music tracks, arranged in menus and track lists. You can play the disc on a set-top DVD player, or on your computer using a software DVD-Video player such as CinePlayer.
You can add Track List menus to navigate through the DVD Music Disc, select from predefined menu styles, and choose background images, track illustrations, and other Smart Objects which provide information about the tracks on the DVD.
The following list shows the basic steps for creating DVD Music Discs:
n If it is not already selected, choose DVD Music Disc as the project type.
n Add Track List menus. For more information, see Working with menus and track screens and Adding and removing Track List menus.
n Add tracks to the menus. For more information, see Adding tracks to menus.
n Select the Smart Menus you want to include in the project. For more information, see Using Smart Menus.
n Select a menu style. Menu styles are professionally designed backgrounds combined with button and font styles. For more information, see Changing the DVD Music Disc menu style.
n Select the Smart Objects, such as a background image or color, and types of track information, that you want to appear on each menu. For more information, see Adding and removing Smart Objects.
n Preview the DVD Music Disc. For more information, see Previewing DVD Music Discs.
When you have completed your project, you have several output options. You can:
n burn it to disc or save it as a disc image file.
n save it as a DVD-Video folder.
n send selected tracks in the project to a portable device.