Using Smart Menus
Smart Menus are created automatically by Music Disc Creator. Using the audio tag information associated with each track, such as artist and album, Music Disc Creator sorts the tracks into menus. You can select or deselect each Smart Menu as needed. Selected Smart Menus appear on the Top menu.
To select the Smart Menus to include on a DVD Music disc:
1 In the Smart Menus area, select the boxes next to the Smart Menus that you want to include. Choose from the following menus:
n All Tracks: Creates one submenu for every 10 tracks (for example, 1-10, 11-20, and so on).
n Tracks (A-Z): Creates submenus (for example A to C) under which the tracks in the playlist are sorted alphabetically.
n Artist: Creates a submenu for each artist.
n Album: Creates a submenu for each album.
n Genre: Creates a submenu for each music genre.
n Years: Creates a submenu for each year for which there are tracks in the track list.
Note: You can group the tracks by decade instead of by year. For more information, see step 4 in the next procedure.
2 To remove a Smart Menu from the top menu, clear the box next to its name.
3 To view the submenus and their contents, click the plus sign beside the Smart Menu name. Click a submenu to view the tracks in the track list area.
4 To preview the menus, click the Show/Hide DVD Preview button (if the DVD Preview area is not already showing). Click the menus and Smart Menus to see their contents in the preview area.
To change Smart Menu options:
1 In the DVD Music Disc area, click Smart Menu Options.
2 From the Smart Menu drop-down list, select the menu you want to change.
3 Under Track Order, choose how you want to list the tracks in the smart menu. For example, you can list the tracks by Artist, and then Album, and then by Track Number.
4 To list tracks by decade, check Group years by decades.
5 When you are done, click OK.
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