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Changing the DVD Music Disc menu style
A menu style is a predefined background, button design, font, and object placement for a menu. Music Disc Creator has a library of styles to choose from.
You can personalize these styles in the following ways:
n Change the appearance of the text.
n Add a background image and color, and apply a color hue.
n Add or remove Smart Objects that appear on the menu.
n In the Smart Object dialog box preview window, you can move Smart Objects to further customize the menu.
You can save the changes that you make, to create a custom menu style that will be available for other Music Disc Creator projects.
You can select different menu styles for each menu in the project, or apply one style to all of the menus.
To change the DVD Music disc menu style:
1 Select the menu to which you want to apply a style.
2 In the DVD Music Disc area, click Styles.
The Styles dialog box appears.
3 Choose a style category from the drop-down list.
4 Click a style to select it.
A preview of the style appears on the right.
5 To change the appearance of the text on the menu, select the text and then click Text Properties.
You can change text properties such as the font, color, size, alignment, or angle. You can also add a shadow or text outline, or background color or image.
6 To view the TV safe zone, select Show Safe Zones.
The TV safe zone is the area of the menu where buttons and text are completely visible when you play the DVD on a set-top player. Many televisions, especially older ones, use overscan, which can cause the edges of the picture to be lost. If you put buttons or text outside the safe zone, you might not see them when you play the DVD on your set-top player.
7 To add or remove Smart Objects that appear on the menu, click the Smart Object tab.
For more information, click Help or press F1 in the Smart Objects tab.
8 To save the changes you have made as a custom menu style, click Save as. Enter a name for the new style, and then click OK.
9 To apply the new style to your project, click OK.
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