Adjusting exposure
Follow this procedure to improve the quality of over- or under-exposed photos. When you adjust the exposure, you change the intensity level of the photo’s dark areas and shadows, and its highlights and bright areas.
PhotoSuite can adjust the exposure for you automatically, or you can adjust it manually.
To adjust the exposure:
1 If the photo you want to edit is an object in the PhotoSuite project file, select it in the Canvas.
2 On the Fix your photos tab, click Exposure.
3 To preview the results of the adjustment before applying them, select Show Preview.
4 Choose one of the following ways to adjust the exposure:
n To let PhotoSuite automatically adjust the exposure, click AutoFix. PhotoSuite automatically adjusts the exposure based on predefined exposure settings.
n To manually adjust the exposure, use the sliders to adjust the exposure settings for the Dark Areas, Midtones, and Bright Areas in the photo.
Tip: To restore the exposure settings to their original values, click Reset.
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