Adjusting sharpness
Follow this procedure to sharpen the edges, or the detail, of photos. Adjust the sharpness to correct blurring. PhotoSuite detects areas with significant color changes, and creates a light-colored line on one edge, and a dark-colored line on the other. The lines emphasize the edge and create the illusion of a sharper image.
If you print with high resolution, the effect is not as noticeable as on screen. If you plan to print the photos, you may need to adjust the sharpness further.
To adjust the sharpness:
1 If the photo you want to edit is an object in the PhotoSuite project file, select it in the Canvas.
2 In the Fix pane, click Sharpness.
3 Choose one of the following ways to adjust the sharpness:
n To let PhotoSuite automatically adjust the sharpness, click AutoFix.
n To manually adjust the sharpness, use the sliders to adjust the following settings:
n Amount: Specify the amount of contrast between pixels.
n Radius: Specify the number of pixels (radiating from the edge) that you want to sharpen. We recommend a radius value between one and two pixels. If the value is too low, only the edge pixels are sharpened. If the value is too high, wide bands of pixels are sharpened, creating a special effect.
n Threshold: Specify how different pixels must be from those that surround them to be considered edge pixels and sharpened. To avoid introducing noise (for example, in images with flesh tones), experiment with threshold values between two and 20.
Tip: To restore the sharpness settings to their original values, click Reset.
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