Adjusting saturation
Follow this procedure to adjust the saturation of color in photos. Saturation is the strength, or depth, of color. Increasing the saturation makes dull photos look more vivid, but may cause other colors in the photo, such as skin tone, to become too vivid.
PhotoSuite can adjust the saturation for you automatically, or you can adjust it manually.
To adjust the saturation:
1 If the photo you want to edit is an object in the PhotoSuite project file, select it in the Canvas.
2 In the Fix pane, click Saturation.
3 Choose one of the following ways to adjust the saturation:
n To let PhotoSuite automatically adjust the saturation, click AutoFix.
n To manually adjust the saturation, use the sliders to adjust the Saturation and Midtones settings in the photo.
Tip: To restore the saturation settings to their original values, click Reset.
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