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Working with masks
Selecting part of a photo with a mask
Follow this procedure to create a mask on a photo. You mask areas in a photo to:
n define the area to which an editing feature (such as a special effect) is applied. The unmasked areas of the photo remain unchanged.
n define an area to be cut out
Defining the masked area
You can define the masked area in several ways:
n Trace the area with your mouse, using the Freehand tracing tool. See Creating a mask using freehand tracing.
n Trace the area with the Trace Edge tool. The Trace Edge tool is most effective if the object in the photo has well-defined edges. PhotoSuite automatically detects the edge and follows it, helping you define the area to mask. See Creating a mask using edge tracing.
n Use a preset shape (for example, a circle, square, or rectangle) to enclose the area. See Creating a mask using a shape.
n Select colors to define the area. This method works best if the object you want to mask is a distinctly different color from its surroundings in the photo. See Creating a mask by picking colors.
Choose the method that is most effective for the shape or color of the area that you want to mask.