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Creating a mask by picking colors
To create a mask by picking colors:
1 In the Tools pane, click Mask/Cutout by Color.
2 If part of the photo or project is already masked, choose whether to add or subtract the new masked area from the existing mask.
3 Use the slider to adjust the tolerance, and click the color in the photo that you want to mask, or click and drag to select a color range.
Tolerance determines PhotoSuite’s sensitivity to differences in color. If you set the tolerance to 0, then PhotoSuite only select pixels that are exactly the same color as the one you click on. As you increase the tolerance, PhotoSuite selects colors that differ more significantly from the selected pixels.
4 Optional: To unmask everything in the photo except the selected area, click Invert Selection.
Tip: To unmask all areas of the photo, click Reset.
5 If desired, use the Edge Fading slider to increase or decrease the blurring of the edges of the mask.
6 Optional: Repeat this procedure, or use one of the other masking procedures, to either add to the masked area or subtract from it.
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