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Creating a mask using a shape
To create a mask using a shape:
1 In the Tools pane, click Mask/Cutout by Shapes.
Note: Only the selected object layer is affected, unless the file has been flattened.
2 If part of the photo or project is already masked, choose whether to add or subtract the new masked area from the existing mask.
3 Click the shape you want to use, and click Add selected shape.
The selected shape appears on the photo or project, surrounded by a bounding box with resize handles.
4 Move, resize, or rotate the shape so that it encloses the area you want to mask.
5 Optional: To unmask everything in the photo except the selected area, click Invert Selection.
Tip: To unmask all areas of the photo, click Reset.
6 If desired, use the Edge Fading slider to increase or decrease the blurring of the edges of the mask.
7 Optional: Repeat this procedure, or use one of the other masking procedures, to either add to the masked area or subtract from it.
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