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Copying from one Blu-ray Disc format to another
Blu-ray Discs can only be copied to other Blu-ray Discs. The chart below provides guidelines for advanced users. Use the Disc Information project on the Tools project list to learn more about the properties of any disc you would like to copy.
Source disc
Compatible target discs
BD-R (single or dual layer)
BD-RE (single or dual layer)
* The target disc will not be an exact copy. Border information will be lost.
Note: You will not be able to copy a dual-layer BD disc to a single-layer BD disc if the amount of data on the dual-layer disc exceeds the capacity of the single-layer disc.
Note: Some versions of this product cannot copy a BD-R disc to a BD-RE disc or a BD-RE disc to a BD-R disc. If that's the case with your version, an error message alerting you to this may not appear until long after you have started your disc copy project. For best results, always use Blu-ray Discs of the same format when making copies.
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